Reduce Waste

Re-Bell is a new shopping concept
It is about recycling, reinventing, redesigning and reintroducing the designer to the customer.
We offer a collection of unique handmade products that are made to last.
Most of the fabrics that are used in our collection come from dead stock from bigger fashion labels
with whom we teamed up to work towards a healthier industry in which waste is minimized.


In line with sustainable vision
we offer an organic collection
that is based on supply
and demand, rather than
systematically creating
entirely new collections
every fashion season.

In this way we minimize our
dead stock and create a collection
that is durable and timeless.


Our shops are a combination
of an atelier and showroom.
You can see the head designer
at work while looking around
the products in the shop.
The designer is always available
to take customized orders for
special products that are only
available on request.


We try to encourage
our customers to bring over
their old denim and deposit it
into our special Re-Box.

For every delivery in our Re-Box,
our customers can collect stamps
that will eventually give them
a nice discount on a next purchase.


Next to the head designer
we offer a freelance working space
for other designers.
In this way we hope to establish
interesting cross-overs and
inspiring collaborations with
our head designer and flexworkers.

  • rent workspace at our atelier

    Blazin studio

    Our atelier is the home of our brand Blazinbell, but because we love meet new people and collaborate we decided to also offer part of our workspace to freelancers. So if you don’t have enough space for you own studio, or you’re ready for change of workspace every once in a whil, you can book yourself a spot in our atelier. We hope to inspire and learn from each other and above all have a good time together. You can book a freelance work space (10:00 - 18:00) and make use of all our machines for €25,- a day. If you want to book more than 4 days a month we can make you a special price. For more information and bookings you can send us an EMAIL

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