• Our head designer


    Blazinbell is inspired by her heart when it comes to the clothing she produces,
    that’s what makes them so special. She moves on the flow of whatever life brings her.
    All her work is done by hand, to keep the ‘love’ alive within the clothing.
    All her positive vibes and energy are put into it.
    She customizes brand new clothes or she recycles old pieces into new ones
    from her own special point of view.
    The people for whom she makes the clothing give her inspiration
    to put something personal within every piece.
    Every piece of clothing is a custom made product with a twist of Blazinbell.
    One of the biggest inspirations for Blazinbell is the way traditional clothing was made
    through the course of history all over the world.
    With this inspiration she creates her own personal production proces:
    the clothes are crafted using old techniques but at the same time futuristic and timeless.

    For information about Blazinbell see blazinbell.com

    Do you want to order something that is completely customized to your taste?
    Choose your favourite pattern and colors and place your order HERE

Other designers

Next to the head designer’s products, Re-bell makes a careful selection of other designers to shine in the shop.
All the designers share the same philosophy on slow fashion and therefore attach great value

to a fair production process and use of sustainable or recycled materials.
The products they produce are all made by hand and have an outspoken style. A lot of the items are limited in edition or even one of a kinds.
Learn more about our designers by clicking on the link to their own website.

House of mulani

House of Mulani is an Amsterdam based label and platform for sharing old, culture-bound knowledge with one another. It’s a place where people learn, experiment and create together.

Lady Moustache

High Quality Denim Wear Just wear it Label by Nadia van Luijk & London Loy



Au Corset Chic

"My beautiful journey with Au Corset Chic started in Amsterdam in the Netherlands where I am based today. Originally, I am coming from Paris in France and I have always been passionate with the world of lingerie . I wanted to introduce my collection which is fully made in Amsterdam, the fabric, my lovely sewer, the tags and boxes are all local. Choosing this way of production not only supports local people but I also know that working conditions are respected. For me the most important things are the design, the quality of the fabric and the comfort. Hope you enjoy it! ¨


Alejita, is a true person of the 21st century. Born on one continent, raised on another. She has a great love for street art and street culture. Almost as much as for traditional art and culture. Her travels brought her new sights, new inspirations and new cultures to absorb. All the beauty she has seen in the world makes her care deeply for the earth. These elements all come together in her work. After completing a study that tought her the technical side of creating clothing she went on to the Gerrit Rietveld Academy where she studied at the department of Fine Arts 2011. Never one to back down for a challenge she took on all sorts of projects that came on her path, not just clothes. When she creates she prefers to work with recycled materials as much as possible. In our society things are labelled old or out of style to easily, but Alejita will make something out of it!

La Barbe Bleue

La Barbe Bleue a label with handcrafted designs by Nadia van Luijk & London Loy


The Leg-Inc has been created to accentuate the female forms, they are attractive and stylish and will contribute to your confidence.Leg-Inc's are made of high quality fabrics with astonishing designs and stylish prints.

van Jos

The Van Jos label belongs to entrepreneur Rosa van Ederen, Jos’s daughter. Follow your heart, Jos told her. And who would ignore her mother’s wise words? And so Rosa set up Van Jos, alongside her work as a photographer. And Rosa? She just loves Jos’s avalanche of ideas, from her cute details, to her clever and creative solutions. She is delighted to pass on the finest selection of these to you.

Lucila Kenny

The collection is inspired entirely by color experimentation where special hues, saturation, and gradients appear by varying and altering intentionally different dyeing methods.


Handmade headwear, something to be seen with.


Bij Ènz. fairwear maken en verkopen ze duurzame kleding en tassen. Je vindt bij ons eigentijdse mode van o.a. Ènz. Limited, People Tree, Wunderwerk, Komodo en Miss Green.

Ymke fashion

Fijne stoffen, traditionele kleding, handgemaakte sieraden.


Shenanigans are loose fit boxer shorts made of colorful West African wax prints. Shenanigan wants to provide men (and woman) with tasty underwear and at the same time it is experimenting with a fair production proces.