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    Re-bells are always on the move. In search of adventure, inspiration, new relationships and self cultivation. In this section we would like to share some of our experiences, encounters, insights and ideas with you. We’ll introduce our re-bell family, zoom in on the handwork of our designers, share some fieldtrips and interviews and many other things that we come across along our journey.



Duende Jewels Treasures and Tattoos

Let us introduce Duende Jewels Treasures and Tattoos ( Amber & Maxine). In their adventurous journeys they collect beautiful stones and charmes that they turn into lovely custom made jewels. In association with their amazing team in Radjastan they try to capture the energy that these collected stones and charmes possess. The charms are also […]

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The Shenanigan brand was born out of a collaboration between a fashion design teacher and three of her students, all with a passion for African culture and textile. Their inspiration comes from West Africa where the streets are filled with colorful youth that create their own style by blending world wide fashion influences with African […]

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Leg-Inc was founded by two lovely ladies with a mutual passion for fashion. They put all their focus and creativity into leggings and founded Leg-inc while working in their studio. They optimized the product with a perfect fit, unique fabrics and the love of handmade design. Also available for kids! A Leg-inc is so much […]

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Meet Annienke ! She’s Bell‘s right hand woman in the studio, helping out on the Blazinbell production. But next to that she’s an individual designer and fiber artist creating a wide range of unique products. She gets inspired by the extraordinary things in ordinary objects and despite her perfectionism she loves to embrace the imperfections […]

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Kids stitch art club

we present to you the result of a creative collabo between Vesper Bob (4 years) and Blazinbell! Also want your kids’ drawing on a sweater? Come by the studio and join the club

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Kuyichi is one of the world’s leading fashion brands in innovative sustainable productdesign. With the global fashion industry being one of the most polluting industries in the world, Kuyichi is convinced that quality fashion should be created in a 100% sustainable and responsible way. The Name Kuyichi is derived from the Peruvian god of the […]

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Patching the floor

The first thing we had to decided for the interior of the shop was what kind of floor we wanted. We went through a lot of different options. Our main criteria was that we wanted the base of the shop, so the walls and the floor, to be quiet and calming, because our products are […]

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Speed course productstyling

Our good friend Ellis Biemans came by our shop to give us a speed course productstyling. Ellis graduated from Amfi and is currently doing a lot of freelance work as a productstylist for big brands like H&M. It was a pleasure to watch her hands glide quickly and skilfully over the clothes to create the […]

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