Dark Stripe



Blazinbell has always excelled in designing eye catching sweaters based on patchwork patterns. The basic design is nice and slim fitting. Special design on the front but also the back consist of fine patchwork details resulting in beautiful seems.


Designed with a simple regularity that may remind you of the pattern of an old wooden floor. Different shades of denim patched together in this diagonal stripe pattern give the sweater an outspoken character. The simple repetition of the pattern creates a sense of calmness in the design.


Every one of our items is one of a kind. This means that every design has its own unique patchwork. Sometimes patch composition or shades of denim can slightly differ, depending on the maker and the fabric available. The true colors and details can only be seen up close and personal. Never be fooled by the image. Reality holds a lot more. We encourage you to be open to the unique details in every piece. The one you get was especially made for you. We hope you enjoy every unique detail of it.




Pattern: diagonal stripes
Material: cotton and recycled denim
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL


Orders should arrive within 5-15 workdays after we have received payment. All items are unique and made by hand, resulting in a longer production process than fast fashion brands. Also delivery time may vary depending on the destination.
We encourage you to embrace this longer delivery time since anticipation is half the fun.